SICS International

SICS International is an incorporated legal entity in Hong Kong. It mainly focuses on invstment promotion and investment migration.

SICS team, led by former Chinese diplomat, specializes in performing investment projects in China following laws and regulations, and assisting foreign investors to obtain their investment goals, no matter in economic returns or immigration status.

Immigration by Investment laws of China

Immigration laws and regulations of China allows foreigners to obtain permanent residence by several ways: working for high-level institute for at least 3 years, married with Chinese citizen for 5 years, and investment for at least 3 years.

Among the different ways for PR, investment way is the most suitable one for most applicants who would like to relocate to China permanently. The minimum investment amount is USD 500,000 and PR could be issued at least after 3 years' smooth operation of the investment project. The investment can be withdrawn after PR is issued by transfering the shares to other investors.